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Procedure of Grant of Retail Sale Drug Licence/s

The step wise procedure for grant of retail sale drug Licence/s is given as below :
Step 1 :  Application for grant of a licence [to sell, stock ,exhibit or offer for sale or distribute] drugs , other than those included in Schedule X, [shall be made in Form-19 accompanied by a fee of rupees three thousand  is made in Form-19 [Rule 59 (2)] to the Licensing Authority.
The statutory / supportive requirements to the Form-19 is as :

  1. Valid Registration Certificate issued by President J&K Pharmacy Council & named to be as Qualified person on the Licence/s.
  2. Constitution of the Firm / Photoproforma (Proprietorship / Partnership) & mentioning the full particulars of the Qualified person.
  3. Documentary evidence in respect of the ownership or occupation on rental or other basis of the premises
  4. Site Plan of the Premises ( Minimum carpet area 10  square meters  )
  5. Affidavit/s in respect of Proprietorship / Partnership.
  6. Agreement deed in case of hiring of Qualified person
  7. Two passport size Additional Photographs of qualified person to be pasted on Licence/s.
  8. Photocopies of Academic qualification/s & State Subject.

Step 2 :  The documents complete in all respects as per step 1 is forwarded to concerned area inspector by the Licensing Authority for on spot inspection of the premises.
Step 3 :   The concerned area inspector after inspection of the premises alongwith Inspection report submits the above documents / file alongwith inspection report to the Licensing Authority with the recommendation as : Licence/s may / may not be granted in favor of the applicant alongwith reasons.
Step 4 : The Licensing Authority after being satisfied with the recommendations of concerned area inspector for grant of licence issues the  Licence/s in favor of the applicant on Form 20 / 21